what's happening NOW?

the 3 big areas in my life (and how i'm getting better):


  • Strength Training & Diet: Engaging in strength training three times a week and following a 1900 calorie diet with a focus on protein. This regimen is key to maintaining my physical health and energy levels.

  • Travel & Exploration: Passionately exploring new places to maintain a healthy balance between work and life. I aim to travel at least every couple of months - I love working from different places while living life as a tourist trying out new experiences.


  • Freelance Writing & Copywriting: Specializing in creating engaging content in the fields of YouTube, SEO, and blogging. Continuously sharpening my skills in salesmanship through copywriting, aiming for mastery in this art.

  • YouTube Channel & Content Creation: Producing weekly videos to grow my online presence, improve my on-camera skills, and generate inbound leads.

  • Freelancing Resources: Developing products and resources to assist others in their freelancing journey, drawing on my experience transitioning from a 9-5 job to a successful solo entrepreneurship.


  • Personal Development: Investing in my own growth, focusing on shaping my reality and perception, and unlearning limiting beliefs.

  • Building High-Value Relationships: Focused on cultivating meaningful connections with peers and mentors, providing value and learning from those who are at the same level or ahead of me.

  • Learning & Education: Engaging in courses and methods that improve learning and cognitive skills, enhancing both personal and professional relationships through better communication and understanding.

14 facts about me:

  • Globetrotter Achievements Unlocked: 2023 was my year of exploration, touching down in 12 countries and wandering through 18 cities.

  • Olie, My Four-Legged Friend: Part German Shepherd, part Labrador, all heart. He's my travel buddy on the journeys we can share.

  • Malta, My Island Fortress: Living in the world's tenth-smallest yet fifth most densely populated country is like being part of an exclusive club. Malta is my home base for global adventures.

  • Dream Retirement Spots: When the time comes to slow down (but not too much), you'll find me soaking up the sun in South Africa or sipping coffee in Lisbon. Decisions, decisions.

  • Solo Travel, Local Hearts: I thrive on the thrill of solo travel, with the magic truly happening when I meet locals who show me the world through their eyes.

  • The SEO Rebel: I left my 9-5 grind as an SEO executive for a life of adventure, following a trip that went a tad too long. Who knew an HR lady telling you she needed to know everything about your life (specifically using the phrase  "even if you do woodworking on a Saturday afternoon, we need to know") could be so controversial?

  • Heavy Metal Memories: At 16, I was part of a heavy metal band, complete with long hair and growls instead of vocals. 

  • Educator by Day, Explorer by Life: For 11 years, I shaped minds as an English teacher and manager, proving that learning and adventure go hand in hand.

  • The Introverted Explorer: My inner introvert loves the quiet moments, even if it took me three years to start a conversation with my then-best friend in secondary school.

  • Gentlemanly Charm: I'm an incredible gentleman, just ask your mom. Yes, my 12-year-old self sometimes grabs the steering wheel.

  • Tech Creator at Heart: My first real job was developing Mac apps, marrying my love for business and computing into a career that paved the way for future ventures.

  • A Videographer's Vision: With a DJI Mini 2 drone and an Insta 360 x3 camera in my arsenal, capturing the world's beauty has become a passion as much as it is a hobby.

  • Ex-Series Binger: My TV series marathon days, headlined by "Sons Of Anarchy," now clash with a wish for more hours in the day to indulge in old passions.

  • A Maker and a Learner: I live for creating new things and soaking up information that I can put into action. Boredom is an alien concept to me; there's always something to do or learn.

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